Between Ministers

When a church is between ministers the challenge of lining up substitute preachers every Sunday until the next minister is recruited, secured, moved and ready to go can be daunting.  The process itself can take months and even years before the right person is found for the position. Interim ministers can help churches sharpen their strategic focus to prepare the way.

In churches with a single minister this time can be very intimidating as well as rewarding as elders, deacons and members come together to fill in the blanks and cover the responsibilities of the departing minister.  Churches can thrive during these times as everyone chips in to make a difference.

Sometimes, during times of transition, it is helpful to have an experienced minister available to assist members as they cover the tasks of the previous minister and lay the groundwork for the arrival of his replacement.  Furthermore, an interim minister can address issues and points of concern that may be intimidating to the next member of the staff.  Proactive, preventive ministry by a biblical, systems-oriented marriage and family therapist can work out the transitional challenges…or at least begin the process…as the full-time minister is matched to the vision of the church.

With 30 years of continuous ministerial experience in medium-sized congregations, Steve is ready to step in and help.  To consider this as a transitional option please call Steve confidentially at 734-676-3775 or email him at



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