Fees and Charges


Shoreline Counselor, LLC does not accept insurance.

  • Fee is $120 per 60 minute hour.  Payment is due same day of service.
  • Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice, please.

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Reasons for Paying without Insurance

Therapeutic Reasons

You and your counselor work together to determine the therapeutic goals, the course of treatment and who is included in therapy.

You are investing in yourself with your own money.  This is a good motivator for working harder and likely shortening the time needed in counseling.

Financial Reasons

  • Lower overhead expenses means lower fees. I score my own assessments at greatly reduced rates.
  • Strategic, Brief, Solution Focused Marriage and Family Therapy.
  • No deductible or co-pay means you preserve your insurance benefits for other types of emergencies.
  • Many times the fees are the same or even less than the co-pay of insurance companies.

Confidentiality Reasons

  • Sessions Only Between Therapist and Client. No insurance companies or Employee Assistance Programs to notify .
  • No cyber security hazards.  Hand-written session notes and hand-scored assessments are kept under lock and key.  This eliminates the privacy hazards often associated with the internet and digital storage.
  • Privacy.  A private office means less traffic than in a clinic where multiple therapists and office staffs are at work.  Located at the church building of the Shoreline Church of Christ, privacy and confidentiality are preserved and even enhanced.
  • No Waiting Room. Sessions are scheduled to allow ample time between clients assuring confidentiality, minimal wait times and to give me the flexibility to take extra time as needed.
  • No double-booking means clients meet with me at their scheduled times with little or no wait times.