Shoreline Counselor, LLC: Mission Statement

The Marriage and Family Therapy mission of Shoreline Counselor, LLC is to actively promote  and encourage healthy marriages and families in western Michigan and beyond by helping them overcome obstacles, manage transitions, and reach their potential.

The goal of Shoreline Counselor, LLC is to lead the way in quality, professional Marriage and Family Therapy services. The philosophy of business of Shoreline Counselor, LLC is to positively impact the lives of people by promoting activities and practices that will encourage healthy marriage and family relationships by repairing the damage, restoring relationships and helping them thrive.

Marriage and Family Therapy is a core mental health discipline that is a cost-effective, short-term, and results-oriented form of treatment.  It is based upon the research and theory that problems are best diagnosed and treated in the context of marriages and families.  While therapy is conducted predominantly with individuals, special training in family systems and psychotherapy views a client’s symptoms and interaction patterns within their existing environment.

Shoreline Counselor, LLC uniquely provides licensed, professional Marriage and Family Therapy that is owned and operated by a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  As the owner and therapist, Stephen Pylkas specializes in helping people when they are struggling with decisions about, for example, whether or not to divorce, changing careers, caring for aging parents, and agreeing about parenting strategies.  Helping families address problems with children and adolescents, in-laws, finances and communication skills are the most common challenges.

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