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Churches and Interim Ministry

Southshore Ministries

For Churches In these difficult economic times…

Churches are dealing with expanding needs of their people.

Employment uncertainty and job loss, home foreclosures and excessive debt are just some of the challenges that their families face. The emotional and relational conflicts that will inevitably arise can stress marriages and families to the breaking point.

A church’s ministry staff and leadership can become overwhelmed. Often the challenges come in waves over short periods of time. The pressures to help can be intense at times.  At the same time, many churches are dealing with decreased contributions by their members, putting additional strain on the congregation’s resources.

Combining increased needs, with diminishing resources and an overwhelmed staff can lead to a sense of helplessness in the face of incredible challenges. Additional ministry staff is needed but unaffordable and time consuming.

We contract with churches for short-term assistance (from several weeks to several months) until the disparity between the needs of members and the resources available  become a little more manageable.