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Texting Vs. Face-To-Face

There are many advantages to texting: simple communications, tracking exchanges of information, privacy in public places and more.  Texting is pretty cool for many things.  So, I have grudgingly learned to text.  But it still is not face-to-face!

At the same time, texting can be a negative thing.  Among the things of which texting has limited or no value is conflict resolution.  Sure, it is possible to text about differences of opinion when discussing where to eat or what shirt to wear.

Then there are those times when texting is the preferred way of delivering bad news without having to see the disappointment on someone else’s face or to hear it in their voice.  Even worse is when hard words are said without the careful filtering that usually takes place when we are looking into each other’s eyes.

Like so many things, texting can be very helpful and it can be very hurtful and even destructive.  If you see a series of texts heating up with intense emotion it may be worthwhile to call a time out and recommend a meeting to talk about the issue the old fashioned way:  face-to-face.