Marriage: Commitment

The value of commitment at the most fundamental level of marriage to a society cannot be overstated, even though it may be sometimes underrated.  When a man and woman come together and pledge “‘Till death do us part” they make this vow before God, anchoring their relationship in their Creator who instituted the sacred bond at the beginning of man’s history.  The pledge is also made before witnesses, proclaiming their fidelity to each other and their determination to stick together through thick and thin.  With that commitment, a promise is made to the children that will enter their home through birth or adoption, assuring them that they will have as predictable, stable and loving environment in which to grow and mature.

The ripple effects of this kind of commitment throughout society…as each family is launched…provides the basis for the values that govern a culture from the neighborhoods in which they live to the nation.  It is these individual commitments gathered together with thousands of others that keep civilizations thriving.

May God richly bless those who have made the commitment of marriage to each other and may they use those blessings to better the world in which they live.


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