Persistence in Life

On a biking trip Pamela and I noted the large number of caterpillars crossing the bike trail.  Several did not escape the speeding wheel of an earlier bike while we did our best to avoid them.  Fuzzy little orange and brown caterpillars were making their way to who-knows-where.  There has to be a joke somewhere about the caterpillar who crossed the road!  Maybe something about persistence or life or ‘getting to the other side.’

As I saw these little miracles of God’s creation I was overwhelmed by the immensity of their task and paused to grab a picture.  As I got on the ground to take the picture I was impressed about how quickly I had to move to stay ahead of the little bugger while I tried to figure out how the camera feature on Pam’s phone worked.

There has to be a lesson somewhere.  A few examples come to mind:

Persistence: Progress is made one foot at a time.

Longevity: The road may be daunting but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

All I know is that I discovered a new appreciation for the realization that much of life is made up of goals and objectives that often require persistent, consistent effort over a long period of time.  In fact, it would seem that the things that are of most value in this world require a seasoning of time.

Lord, help me to avoid the temptation of the quick fixes in life and to take a lesson from this little caterpillar and your word as you continue to transform me from one degree of understanding to another.


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